Experienced Insurance Sales Representative - Fleet and Truck

Brampton, ON

Truck and Fleet Insurance Sales Representative 

As a Truck and Fleet Insurance Sales Representative, your primary responsibility is to market and sell insurance policies specifically tailored for trucks, commercial vehicles, and entire fleets. Here are the key aspects of your role:



Lead Generation and Prospecting:

  • Prospect leads through relevant channels such as cold calls, emails, and networking.
  • Qualify leads based on their levels of interest and specific insurance needs.
  • Coordinate lead generation campaigns in collaboration with marketing and sales teams.

Understanding Client Needs:

  • Research prospective customers to identify lead channels within the transportation industry.
  • Educate clients about truck and fleet insurance options.
  • Create and curate content for inbound lead channels.

Outbound Communications:

  • Initiate cold calls, emails, and other outbound communications to engage potential clients.
  • Effectively communicate the benefits of truck and fleet insurance solutions.

Sales Pipeline Management:

  • Manage leads in the sales pipeline using CRM tools.
  • Organize lead data to track progress and follow-up effectively.

Collaboration and Strategy Development:

  • Collaborate with Sales and Distribution Managers (SDMs) to develop and implement effective sales strategies.
  • Stay informed about industry trends to provide informed recommendations to clients.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Expertise in communicating with prospects through cold calls, emails, and other means.
  • Solid understanding of SEO strategies to enhance visibility and attract potential clients.
  • Ability to reach out and engage leads through social media platforms.


As a Truck and Fleet Insurance Sales Representative, you play a crucial role in helping businesses protect their valuable assets, manage risks, and ensure smooth operations within the transportation industry.


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